Donnie W. Farley Cattle

Farley Cattle   Registered - Pure Blooded Brahman Cattle

Donnie and Janet Farley are running a family operated cattle farm here in North Alabama just outside of the small town of Moulton.  We have been in the cattle industry for over thirty years and worked hard for a great reputation for handling gentle, well bred registered and pure blooded brahman cattle.  We also raise true F1 cattle with our Brahman stock, concentrating on the Braford, or as commonly known, Tigerstripe cattle. 

We are members of the American Brahman Breeders Association, Deep South Brahman Association, F1 Certification Association, and The American Hereford Association.

We are smaller in numbers than we have been in a very long time. Due to the lack of help and health issues we are now concentrating on the registered and pure blooded brahman cattle and keeping a few commercial cattle.  Brahman cattle are getting harder and harder to find throughout the southern states and even harder for the commercial cattle farmer at this time due to the rising costs of good quality livestock.  We are here with great blood lines and gentle stock with the added bonus of reasonable pricing on our sell stock!

We have been and are still commercial cattle sellers! We know the struggle the commercial man has trying to get the quality bloodline for good grow out and carcass weight for his calves that go to market! We will help you get that in the influence you introduce through our stock! 

​1944 County Road 101

Moulton, AL 35650
Donnie Farley: (256) 476-2631
Janet Farley: (256) 221-5417

We will have bulls and heifer calves available for you to introduce into your herd on either side and bring in more money to your pockets at market time!! 

We will answer any questions you may have openly and honestly to help bring in the most efficient market calf that you can raise. We stand behind all our stock with our reputation as cattleman/cattlewoman in our area on the line. We will not do anything to break the great reputation we have earned!!

We have sold to operations in Mississippi, Oklahoma, Texas, Georgia, Tennessee, and in our own great state of Alabama! We have grown through the good word of our buyers and will continue to do all open, honest, and hard work to maintain our reputation! Be sure to look at our other pages here-such as Young Bulls. Also check to see updated pictures and follow the progress of our farm and the cattle we raise.