We are a family operated cattle farm in North Alabama.  Located just outside of Moulton Alabama. Our farm is expanding in the Brahman and Brahman Cross Breeds at this time and we are trying to reach a broader base to offer quality cattle for commercial beef sales.  We have sold stock to commercial beef cattle persons in the states of Oklahoma, Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia, and inside our home state of Alabama as well.  We are concentrating on the registered and pure blooded seed stock end of the industry at this point for the commercial beef cattle producer.  We have found that at todays beef prices it is extremely hard for the commercial man to be able to buy quality Brahman Cattle for production in his/her operation.  We are trying to give an answer to that with quality Brahman Cattle at an affordable value for the commercial man.

We are raising cattle to get the best results in ease of calving and high efficiency in cows raising calves with good bags of milk and fast growth.  It is documented, and we have found in our own farm, truth in that Brahman and Brahman cross females calve easily and give greater milk, even in heat, and have great mothering instincts.  We have seen the differences in the mothering ability and protectiveness of the calf.  The calves consistently grow out with best weight per day of age and carcass efficiency.  This is important to us and other commercial beef ranchers. 

Our livestock is of high quality and will remain so.  We have developed a great reputation in the livestock sale of our area and will do all in our power to keep that and have it grow with us.  We have worked hard for over 30 years to get a great controlled breeding program with great quality, gentle animals for use on any farm or ranch as well as quality beef to sale. 

Donnie W. Farley Cattle

Registered/Pure Blooded Brahman Cattle and Brahman Cross Breeds  

1944 County Road 101 
Moulton, AL 35650
Donnie Farley 256-476-2631
Janet Farley    256-221-5417